Giving a solution to a broken industry.

The majority of CPAs are glorified button clickers, filling out tax forms a computer does for them. Clients are looking for a CPA that can give them unbiased and uniquely personal advice to make sure they're making the most of their money and their decisions.

What is CPA Cupid?

CPA Cupid Transforms the public accounting and tax preparation experience. It’s hard to find highly competent accountants and tax advisors that understand your personal wants and needs while also working in your best interest. Most are looking to get you in and out of the door as fast as possible. Our meticulous process only allows hand selected CPAs that match our guidelines to work with us, for your benefit.

Work with the best

We hand select CPAs that are going to give you the proper care, time and attention to get things right for you

We’re here for you

We match you with a CPA that we think will be the right fit for you and your unique needs

Tax law changes

Always up to date with tax law changes that may affect you so you can plan ahead early